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Transfer Service

Autopilot Company offers a new “Transfer Service”.

Our professional driver will meet you at Vladivostok International Airport or Train station with your name tag in the arranged time, will help you carry your luggage and make yourself comfortable in the car, drive you to a hotel, assist you with checking in.

We can also organize a city tour. You will be able to see the picturesque views of Vladivostok, memorable places of honor, the new bridges, the university campus at the Russky Island, where the APEC summit 2012 took place. We can recommend you the best restaurants and night clubs of the city.

On your wish our team can prepare Far-Eastern souvenir composition, which will be set up and packed accordingly for transportation or flight:
- Sea set, including fresh see food (smoked, salted and dry fish and squid, frozen scallop, whelk, crab, shrimps and red caviar);
- Sweet set, which is collected directly at the “Primorsky Konditer” factory. It includes the whole range of the factories products: sweets, chocolates, marmalade and original special “Birds’ milk”-sweets;
- Strong set. This a set consisting of natural liqueurs and extracts from the gifts of the Ussuri taiga, Far Eastern cognac and vodka, such luxury drinks as “The Golden Pheasant” and “Velvet Antlers in Honey” of the “Ussuri Balsam” factory;
- Memorable, including a souvenir set with the symbols of Vladivostok and Primorsky territory (souvenir china dishes and cups, shells sets, flags, sea stars and a classic cut cap of the Pacific Navy).

May we remember that for your convenience our services may be paid both cash and bank transfers, including credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, etc.
Our team are on-line 24 hours 7 days a week.